Raúl Pera Pairó

Software engineer with more than 6+ years of experience coding iOS applications solving real-life problems. Expert in development focused on continuous code and quality improvement. I have worked with well organized teams on large, robust, and ambitious projects around the world, collecting quantitative and qualitative data to synthesize insights for best practices, recommendations, and strategies to achieve successful projects.

What I Do

Mobile Development

I have been developing mobile applications since 2014, specializing in native iOS development, both in UIKit and with SwiftUI.

Backend Development

My journey in developing REST services had its start in 2014 with platforms such as Azure and Firebase, focusing on securitization, sessions, persistence and scalability. Specialized in Vapor as a framework.

Game Development

Beginning of 2016, started developing video games by specializing in native development in iOS with SpriteKit and SceneKit, and cross-platform with Unity.

Software Architectures

I always work with the best development practices, based on Design patterns and the Clean principles: Code, Architecture and SOLID.


Managing and mentoring small international teams of developers became one of my many responsibilities since 2019, implementing agile methodologies and encouraging the use of clean principles together with CI and CD flows.

Content Creator

Since 2021 I have started the new adventure of sharing my knowledge to give back to the community all the help I received in the form of articles, podcasts and video tutorials.