Raúl Pera Pairó

Software engineer with more than 6+ years of experience coding iOS applications solving real-life problems. Expert in development focused on continuous code and quality improvement. I have worked with well organized teams on large, robust, and ambitious projects around the world, collecting quantitative and qualitative data to synthesize insights for best practices, recommendations, and strategies to achieve successful projects.

What I Do

Mobile Development

I have been developing mobile applications since 2014, specializing in native iOS development, both in UIKit and with SwiftUI.

Backend Development

My journey in developing REST services had its start in 2014 with platforms such as Azure and Firebase, focusing on securitization, sessions, persistence and scalability. Specialized in Vapor as a framework.

Game Development

Beginning of 2016, started developing video games by specializing in native development in iOS with SpriteKit and SceneKit, and cross-platform with Unity.

Software Architectures

I always work with the best development practices, based on Design patterns and the Clean principles: Code, Architecture and SOLID.


Managing and mentoring small international teams of developers became one of my many responsibilities since 2019, implementing agile methodologies and encouraging the use of clean principles together with CI and CD flows.

Content Creator

Since 2021 I have started the new adventure of sharing my knowledge to give back to the community all the help I received in the form of articles, podcasts and video tutorials.


7 Years of Experience


2019 - 2023
University of Alicante

Master's Degree

Master’s Degree in Development of Software for Mobile devices

2014 - 2019
University of Alicante

Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

2012 - 2014
Pedralbes Institute

Associate’s Degree

Associate’s Degree in Software Development


Aug 2022 - Present

Senior iOS Software Engineer

Optimized and developed code for 6 Norton family products available in AppStore, with a total of +80M users.

Delivered 3 major global releases of Norton Mobile Security for iOS app, used by over 50M users worldwide.

Coordinated with 15+ cross-functional teams as product owner to successfully integrate Norton and Avast product lines (Managing VPN and Licensing products), resulting in a 20% improvement of system efficiency.

Constructed new main framework to abstract app configuration across Norton family projects, resulting in a centralized business logic that facilitated implementation and 30% reduction of boilerplate code.

Scrum master facilitator for a team of 8. My applied model and best practices increased team's velocity chart by 20%.

Served as a mentor for junior and mid-level engineers, providing guidance and support to help them grow and develop their technical and soft skills.

May 2021 - Jul 2022
Retail inMotion

iOS Software Engineer

Developed and released core iOS features for projects with world's largest airline companies (American Airlines, Lufthansa, Ryanair, LATAM, Sprint, Swiss, Hawaiian).

Improved iOS apps stability by 35% (based on Crashlytics issues), developed new features, optimized the code base and refactored software architecture. This, in turn, reduced customer complaints by 25%.

Refactored software architecture to use protocols and generics, reducing the amount of boilerplate by 30%.

Delivered code reviews for a team of 5 engineers and implemented best practices to maintain clean code standards, contributing to a 20% reduction of technical debt.

Aug 2018 - Jul 2020
FacePhi Biometrics

iOS Software Engineer

Fully redesigned and implemented customer onboarding architecture to be cost-independent from the external vendors, resulting in annual cost savings of $1.5M.

Managed integration and led successful product launch of global iOS projects across South America and Asia.

Implemented a new development methodology across the department which reduced production bugs by 30%.

Developed advanced authentication features used by millions of largest bank users worldwide (ICBC, HSBC, Banco Santander, CaixaBank).

Refactored code for new releases, ensuring high performance standards were met. As a result, performance increased by 15% and memory usage decreased by 10%.

Feb 2018 - Apr 2018
Aire Networks

Software Engineer (Internship)

Created Machine learning OCR system based on Tesseract, OpenCV, Sci-Kit learn.

Implemented Backend in Flask (Python) as REST connected with OCR system to receive ID card image and process the onboarding flow with this user data.

Worked on iOS realtime chat application development.

Coded iOS multimedia project for VOD consumption. +20K users.

Sep 2016 - May 2017

Software Engineer (Internship)

Developed FB Messenger based NLP chatbot with Node/Express to check route times, find best routes based in current geolocation, subscribe to route notifications and set up recurring alerts. +5K users.

Created Android application to manage padel matches schedules, rankings, scores. +3K users.

Coded iOS application with OCR to manage the data of recipes. +1k users.

Nov 2015 - May 2017
Wallfer University

CTO & Co-Founder

Successfully designed, developed and launched the Wallfer app and grew the user base to over 24,000.

Won Lanzadera Incubator (Garaje) Program 2018, a top European startup accelerator.

Semifinalists in the South Summit Startup Competition 2018. One of the largest and most prestigious competitions in Europe & America with over 10,000 applications from 100 countries.

Dec 2013 - Jun 2014
NTT Data

Software Engineer (Internship)

Developed SAP CRM for Barcelona council to manage driving fee system. +3MM users.

Coded SAP custom multiplatform modules with ABAP4.

Implemented SAP frontend views solutions.

Worked on SQL management for SAP backend.



Local Winner and Best Use of Data

Project based on a chatbot assistant for students, capable of giving support to the homework schedule, exams and classifying the feeling of it and detecting traces of bullying.


Local Winner, Global Nominee and Best Use of Data

Project based on a real-time system that controls the flight of drones, preventing them from entering dangerous areas for it, the population or areas of air exclusion. Link


People's Choice Winner

Project based on a drone control system through gestures in the air and a mobile application that controls backend systems using voice recognition. Link


Stanford University

Developing Applications for iOS

The lectures for the Spring 2020 version of Stanford University's course CS193p.

University of Alicante

Introduction to Deep Learning

Convolutional networks, Recurrent networks and Practical applications.

University of Alicante

Big Data: Theoretical concepts and practical applications

Big Data and NoSQL databases, Big Data Processing with Spark and Data Mining.

University of Alicante

Computer Vision with OpenCV and Python

Optics, Convolution of digital images, Correlation, Geometric image manipulation, Edge detection, Morphological transformations and descriptors, Pattern recognition.


University of Alicante

iOS Application for PhD Research of teaching staff at the University

Development of an application designed for children with autism. Its functionalities were based on detailed investigations in the paper of the doctoral researcher. This work also served as an End of Degree Project for my university stage in engineering. iOS: Swift, UIKit, CloudKit, URLSession, CoreData.

Forensic Expert Laboratory

Universal Windows Platform CRM

Development, design and architecture of a CRM for project management. Tech: Universal Windows Platform, C#, Azure: App Service, SQL, Blob Storage.



Jury of Space Apps Challenge

Jury of the eighth NASA hackathon at the Valencia headquarters.


Microsoft Student Partner

Member of the group of students associated with the University of Alicante until 2016.


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